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Eugenio Vasdeki born and lives in Rome until the age of 27 years.
After 3 years of study in communication at 'Università di  Roma "La Sapienza" has decided to undertake a serie of trips that directs him then to find his  expression in photography.
His journey begins in Australia as a self-taught, the atmospheres, the daily living become his main themes, and  these will be a push to get interested in the technic of  reportage.
He therefore decided to 'return to Rome where he attended the Institute Cromatica Photo Agency, graduating with honors.

The strong emotional message of the portrait, the creative use of studio lights, freedom of expression, become for him the essential elements of his research in photography.
The transit in fashion is now required even if the reportage will always be a great passion that still cultivates with personal projects.
Rome during his trip was a milestone but temporary, 
London with its excesses, the eccentricity, freedom of personal expression is a strong reminder that will push him to leave for the United Kingdom. 
In London, works as a photographer at a studio in the heart of the city specializing in portraits of fashion and glamour .
Over the years, aspires to have his own studio so to interact directly with clients, models and industry professionals then to extend his portfolio with new and innovative ideas and expanding his contacts.

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